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Bonnet Seals

Bonnet seals is used to perform the best maintenance. We offer a wide range of Cameron bonnet seals featuring:

  • a low-pressure gas backseat design to meet the low differential requirements of API Class 6A PSL-4 specifications and minimize risk to field personnel
  • Cameron’s SUR-SEAL™ technology delivers redundancy and resiliency, allowing field personnel to work safely at low differential pressures when servicing bonnet seals
  • SUR-SEAL technology uses a redundant sealing system that provides ultimate reliability
  • backseat design of a bonnet using SUR-SEAL incorporates a metal-to-metal seal with a redundant non-elastomeric seal (patent pending)
  • the specialized extrusion resistance of SUR-SEAL provides superior strength to withstand the extreme forces during HPHT operations and provides a reliable seal during low-pressure operations